People who experience regular headaches can also suffer from vertigo. Thankfully, there’s an effective vertigo treatment that also reduces headache pain. 

Recently, Dr. Shapira had a patient visit him with incapacitating symptoms, including extreme dizziness. Within a few minutes of being in Dr. Shapira’s care, the patient experienced incredible relief. 

Dulce’s Story – How a Vertigo Treatment Reduced Pain and Dizziness

Dulce visited Dr. Shapira one day because her jaw was locked. It wasn’t the first time she had experienced these symptoms. She’d had lockjaw and horrible pain for two weeks prior. The dizziness was so severe that it made it difficult to function normally. 

When asked to describe her pain on a scale of one to 10, she stated she was at a level eight or nine. She told Dr. Shapira that she even had neck, back, and arm pain, too. 

Dulce had seen her doctor to get to the bottom of the problem and had been prescribed medication for dizziness, as well as Flexeril (a muscle relaxant) to reduce muscle spasms and pain. Unfortunately, none of this helped. 

Advanced Headache Treatment That Goes Beyond Head Pain

Dulce visited her dentist to see if he could provide a headache treatment that could relieve her symptoms. Little did she know that the treatment provided would also be an effective vertigo treatment. 

Dr. Shapira was able to relax and stretch Dulce’s jaw muscles with Vapocoolant Spray. Eventually, her lockjaw and dislocation reduced considerably. 

She was also provided with an Aqualizer Appliance to wear temporarily. The appliance is a splint that restores function and balance or the jaw joint and corrects bite distortions. The purpose is to keep the jaw in alignment, reduce further dislocation and lockjaw, and keep the muscles relaxed to prevent pain. 

After the appointment, she didn’t have any pain in her back or neck. In her words, she felt “so much better!”

Don’t Keep Suffering from Pain and Dizziness – Get Help!

Dizziness can be completely debilitating, so much so that people with severe vertigo end up missing out on work and special moments in their life. 

Thankfully, there are treatment options available that can significantly reduce symptoms, even eliminating them completely. 

Instead of suffering in silence, people with vertigo and chronic headaches should talk to their dentist as soon as possible to find a safe, natural, effective vertigo and headache treatment. 

Are you tired of living life with debilitating dizziness and pain? Dr. Shapira can help you find relief. Contact our office today to schedule a consultation.