Severe TMJ Disorder Relieved….23 year Follow up Doing Great!


Severe TMJ Disorder starting at 18 or 19 years of age. It was not an easy road for me at all and I saw a lot of specialists. I was referred to Dr Shapira by a TMJ Institute. iIcame to see Dr Shapira and we worked on my bite and eventually had a complete reconstruction.

It has now been 23 years sine the work was done with all of my veneers and crowns.

They have been an absolute success and I have not had any problems, I am pain free.

I have 3 children now and the oldest is 16 and driving and I am just glad I am able to enjoy my life and live pain free!

If I do flair up from time to time and it is easily settled down.

It has been the best experience that I could hae ever asked for!

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