Sherri explains how she had intense pain 1 1/2 years ago where she could hardly eat and the pain shot into her jaw and her ear. Finally, I had enough of the pain and made a consultation visit with Dr Shapira. Everything was clearly explained and I walked away with a plan.

I decided I was going to do this for myself because I didn’t want to go for the rest of my life with extreme jaw pain. After a year and a half I am really happy with the results, I HAVE NO PAIN, AT ALL most of the time. I occasionally have a little bit if I grind a lot.

For the most part I have no more pain, I can eat, I can talk and sleep well. All of those things.
I highly recommend Dr Shapira and his staff, the are highly professional, courteous kind people and you can’t go wrong with the treatment.

I now have a permanent appliance (orthotic) that I take out when I eat but I could leave it in.

The Appliance is made out of gold, My grandchildren are really interested in this thing I have in my mouth and all the time they are asking “Let me see that again!”

So for all of you that are curious here is a look at, hopefully you can’t see it when I am talking to you.

Hopefully, only you know that it is there and can feel but when you open up your mouth you can see it is gold. I don’t have to worry about it breaking and I brush it with a toothbrush when I brush my teeth.

That is pretty much it, I am pain free and will contiue to wear it for the rest of my life, I suppose.

Dr Shapira: There are many methods of long-term treatment but the Gold Orthotic is an excellent long term solution that does not require crowns, or orthodontics. I have had patients wear them for decades.