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Do you suffer from poor posture?

You’re not alone. Many Americans tend to have slouched posture due to sedentary lifestyles, poor computer ergonomics at work, genetics, and looking down at smartphones and tablets for hours.

Being slumped over is uncomfortable – even painful at times, leading to sore shoulder and neck muscles, headaches, and tingling in the arms. 

Thankfully, the remedy might be simpler than you think. Dr. Shapira has had multiple patients attain better posture by wearing a DNA appliance in Chicago.  

The Dramatic Changes Alexis Noticed After Using a DNA Appliance in Chicago

Dr. Shapira’s most recent YouTube testimonial is from a patient named Alexis who just started wearing a DNA appliance in Chicago six weeks ago. 

What changes has she noticed? 

The most dramatic change she’s seen is in her posture. She recalls that she’s had a bump on her back where it seemed like her spine was sticking out. The bump has been there for years. Within a few weeks of wearing the DNA appliance, the bump seems to be going away and her posture has improved.

Another change Alexis has noticed is the crowding of her lower front teeth. At her six-week check-up, she reported that her lower teeth are almost completely straight now.

What Are the Benefits of Using a DNA Appliance? 

Besides improving your posture and straightening your teeth, what other benefits have been seen by patients who have used a DNA appliance in Chicago?

Here are just a few of the results Dr. Shapira’s patients have reported.  

If you suffer from pain, anxiety, or sleep apnea, talk to Dr. Shapira about investing in a DNA appliance. It just might be the solution to your annoying and painful dental issues. 

Why Choose a Dentist Who Offers Epigenetic Orthodontics?

Dr. Shapira practices a form of orthodontics called epigenetic orthodontics. How does this differ from traditional orthodontia? 

In the past, the only remedy for crooked teeth or anatomical anomalies was to put a patient in braces and possibly perform one or more surgical procedures to correct their occlusion. 

Epigenetic orthodontics takes a different approach. Instead of using surgery, Dr. Shapira can correct improper bites (malocclusion), help change irregularities in facial symmetry, and widen or narrow the palate of the mouth. He does all this with the DNA appliance – something that is comfortable and non-invasive.

If this sounds better to you than traditional options, make an appointment to discuss your case with Dr. Shapira today. 

Are you interested in trying a DNA appliance? Contact us today to find out more.