What is a DNA appliance?  

These appliances are becoming increasingly popular within the dental community. However, a lot of patients wonder what makes this appliance so special.

The Vivos appliance used by Think Better Life and numerous other dental practices can help to treat a plethora of dental conditions – from sleep apnea to temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ disorder) and locking jaw.

How does this device work? And how can it help patients who experience painful TMJ symptoms?

The Vivos DNA Appliance: The Go-To Choice for Dentists Treating TMJ Disorder

For years, dentists have been treating TMJ disorder using a combination of traditional braces, a splint/nightguard, and/or jaw surgery.

Nowadays, there’s a more effective and less invasive technique that has been shown to improve TMJ symptoms for many patients. It’s called a DNA appliance. This device looks and feels like the upper and lower retainers that a person would wear after braces to maintain the new positioning of their teeth.

This device is different in that it encourages some gentle movement of certain teeth and of the jaw itself. The appliance can help grow, re-shape, and idealize the position of the bone of the palate. It simulates what happens during the natural jaw development process and helps to stimulate bone growth.

And the result? Improved function of the jaw joint and less TMJ pain.

The RNA/DNA appliance has been used for a while to treat sleep apnea, which has been extremely popular amongst CPAP-wearing patients. Instead of having to deal with a cumbersome, uncomfortable CPAP mask during the night, they get to wear a more comfortable intraoral appliance.

Sleep apnea has often been called a secondary condition of TMJ disorder. Because the jaw bone hasn’t developed properly, the airway is narrower and/or shallower than it should be. Not only does this lead to impaired breathing during sleep, but it can also lead to a lot of pain and sleep disruption.

Thankfully, the DNA device has successfully been used to help patients overcome both sleep apnea and other TMJ issues, including locking jaw.

dna applianceWhat Patients Have to Say: Krista Is Grateful to Have Her Life Back

The best way to determine whether a TMJ appliance really works is through patient feedback. Krista, a patient of Dr. Shapira at Think Better Life, had been using the appliance for about a week when she recorded her testimonial video.

After wearing the device for 16 hours a day, she noticed a huge improvement in her TMJ symptoms.

Historically, she’d experience disrupted sleep and wake up with extensive head, neck, and jaw pain. After a week of wearing her DNA appliance, she feels a sense of normalcy again. She’s been sleeping well at night and wakes up feeling great and pain-free in the mornings.

In addition to wearing the Vivos appliance, Krista has composite fillings on some of her teeth to allow them to super-erupt as the jaw bone shifts.

Krista mentions that she is extremely grateful for the innovative devices offered by Dr. Shapira. Technology is always making improvements and the dental team at Think Better Life is staying up to date with it all to better serve their patients.

Krista is no exception. Due to modern dental innovation, she’s able to have her life back again.


The Latest Dental Technology Empowers Patients and Provides Peace of Mind

A lot of people avoid going to their dentist – even when they’re experiencing discomfort. It isn’t until they’re in excruciating pain or experiencing symptoms like a locking jaw that they’re willing to schedule a dental appointment.

Dental fear is all too real and a common problem. Thankfully, dental product developers and dental teams, like the one at Think Better Life, are doing all they can to make the dental experience more comfortable for their patients. When patients come to their office, they’re treated like family and experience the best quality of care, in addition to the latest products and technology.

The latest dental technology can help to make dental appointments faster, less painful, and even needle-free. Furthermore, the treatments for various conditions – including TMJ disorder – don’t just reduce a patient’s pain. They can help to eliminate it and help to improve overall dental health. And that, in turn, can give patients peace of mind at home and in the dental chair.

Do you suffer from sleepless nights and painful TMJ symptoms like Krista? We urge you to contact us right away to schedule a consultation. The sooner we can diagnose your symptoms, the sooner we can get you out of pain.