It is an unfortunate truth that headaches that are often easy to treat end up damaging patients quality of life for many years, often wrecking their entire lives.

I recently saw a patient who kept diaries in second grade and talked about her headaches every day. She has had constant pain for the last nine years.

We started treatment with a diagnostic physiologic orthotic and trigger point injections in her trapezius muscles and for the first time in nine years she was out of pain.

She had spent a week at Mayo Clinic where she was told she had migraines and to “get over it, its genetic” and told to just accept it.

Nothing like taking away a patients hope.

She has had an orthotic now for 24 hours anThis patient has a problem with pain from muscles but no particular problem with clicking or popping joints.d is astonished she is still pain free.

The Trigeminal Nerve is the center of all headaches and as everyone knows the Trigeminal Nerve is the Dentist’s nerve.