3 surprising ways to treat sleep disorders

sleep disorder treatment. highland park, chicagoSleep disorders can be difficult to diagnose, and, without an accurate diagnosis, effective treatment can be hard to find. If you are suffering from a sleep disorder, there is treatment for your problem. A good sleep cycle is crucial to good health. The ultimate results of lost sleep are numerous and all of the results can lead to other health problems, including death in serious sleep disorder situations. Here are three surprising ways a sleep disorder can be treated.

1. Sleep orthotics

Sleep orthotic devices are used in sleep dentistry treatment for individuals who have a condition know as sleep apnea. Sleep apnea involves disrupted sleep patterns involving the amount of oxygen delivered to the body while sleeping. The orthotic device is designed specifically to fit the patient.

The device is made by the dentist after an impression is made of the mouth following a diagnosis of the problem. Orthotic devices can be very effective for individuals suffering from sleep apnea. They allow the sleeper to breath properly during the sleep cycle while also allowing for an uninterrupted full rest cycle.

2. DNA appliance

A DNA appliance, which is short for Daytime Nightime Appliance, is a highly effective method of treating obstructive sleep apnea. The appliance focuses on storing kinetic energy and allowing the device to spread the upper arch airways as the jaw moves forward. This creates a much better capacity for air intake while the patient is sleeping.

In addition, other benefits of the DNA are helping in the straightening of teeth while adding to facial symmetry in some cases. This is an excellent non-surgical device that can be a life-saver for individuals who suffer from severe OSA.

3. Sleep disorder dentistry

Sleep disorder dentistry is much more than a medical option for patients with sleeping problems. Disrupted sleep can be fatal. The ability to sleep in a normal and complete rest cycle will obviously make the patient feel better as they function during their daily routines, but many people do not realize that individuals who pass away in their sleep often have sleep disorders that are limiting the amount of oxygen being delivered to the brain. This lack of oxygen provides the potential impetus for a stroke as well as eventual development of other coronary problems in the future.

 Get treated and get back to healthy sleep

Possibly because of reduced general understanding of how a sleep disorder affects all aspects of life, too many sleep-deprived individuals do not seek needed medical treatment. Proper oxygen levels in the blood stream are crucial for the overall health of everyone.

Any person who is experiencing breathing problems during the sleep cycle should seek medical advice from an experienced sleep disorder dentistry professional for a full evaluation of the condition. There is much more at stake than just a good night’s rest.