Patients dealing with chronic TMJ problems often find their quality of life begin a downward slide and standard medical care of the symptoms rarely is successful. TMJ has been dubbed “The Great Imposter” because the wide ranging symptoms often lead to a variety of medical diagnosis.

Holistic treatment of TMJ depends on understanding the causes of the symptoms. Does a patient have a primary musculature problem, primary joint problem or do habits and repetitive strain form the bulk of problems.

Holistic treatment of TMJ should focus on restoring Homeostasis to the body and more importantly enpowering the patient to have control over their condition.

The most universal issue with TMJ disorders is the influence of the Trigeminal Nerve (the fifth Cranial Nerve), and the Trigeminovascular system. Control of blood flow to the anterior 2/3 of the brain is a function of the Tigeminovascular system and is involved in all headaches, migraines, cluster headaches, tension headaches, Autonomic cephalgias, ans Sinus headaches.

Physiologic Dentistry is a physiological approach to TMJ disorders that utilizes normal swallowing as a reset switch for the Trigeminal Nervous System and the masticatory muscles.

In computer lingo the Trigeminal Nervous Systen has an Input/ Output error of I/O error. Nociceptive input to the Trigeminal Nervous system occurs during normal function in TMJ patients. Eliminating the Nociceptive input during 2000 swallows /day is the first step to returning homeostasis.  The utilization of ULF-TENS or Ultra Low Frequency TENS relaxes muscles naturally by pulsing muscles to creat gentle contracrions that pump waste products out of the muscle and relaxes the muscle by bringing in nutrition from circulatory system.

The postural chain is an essential part of full body Homeostasis and of special importance is head  and neck position and the first two articulations of the spine.  Forward head posture is often associated with chronic head and neck pain.  Actually, patients have a forward neck posture with rotation at the Atlas and Axis to restore sight lines.  I work with Dr Mark Freund in my office who has special training in advanced techniques essential to TMJ patients.  Atlas-Orthoganol Chiropractic focuses with precision on the Atlas-Axis-Occiptal articulation.  NUCCA also  focuses on the same articulation.  Atlas -Orthoganol dds accurate measurement to treatment.

Cranial -Sacral Therapy primarily addresses soft tissues from the Cranium to the Sacrum and SOT Chiropractic Addresses soft tissue and Spinal issue from the Sacrum to the Occiput.  Both are involved in restoring Homeostasis to the spine and related muscles, ligaments and tendons.  Dr Freund utiiizes these techniques in conjunction with my Physiologic and Physiologic approach to TMJ disorders.  Cranial manipulation of the bones of the cranium as taught in Chirodontics is the final piece to the Chiropractic/ Dental connection in treating TMJ disorders and restoring Homeostasi.

The Autonomic nervous system is addressed by A-O  and SOT relative to the spine and cranium connection.  The use of SPG Blocks to rstore the Autonomic Nervous System is another link in this complicated puzzle.  The technique was popularized after publication of “Miracles on Park Avenue” the story of a NY doctor who utilized Sphenopalatine Ganglion Blocks as treatment for a wide variety og painful conditions.