Trigger Point Injections and rapid relief of pain

The majority of pain that most patients experience is Myofascial Pain.  This is pain from the muscles and the connected fascia.  There are many patterns of referred pain from muscles to various area of the upper back, neck , head, shoulders and jaws.  Dr Shapira is an expert in these referral patterns and understands how to deactivate trigger points for instant relief. SPRAY AND STRETCH FOR MYOFASCIAL PAIN The use of vapocoolant spray and stretch can deactivate or eliminate trigger points that are the actual cause of your pain.  Dr Shapira will frequently use these techniques during your first consultation appointment.  Relieving your pain allows him to better understand your specific problems and how to achieve the most rapid improvement.  The majority of patients can be made temporarily pain free in the first visit.  The goal of physiologic dental treatment is to make this temporary relief permanent This is an excellent predictor of the pain relief patients can expect.  Dr Shapira is one of the few doctors who actually teaches his patients and their significant how to use this instant relief method of muscle pain relief.  Patients are amazed when a severe headache can often be relieved in seconds.  More importantly it gives patients personal control over their condition.  Another amazing technology  Dr Shapira teaches his patients is how to do SPG or Sphenopalatine Ganglion Blocks with cotton tipped applicators.  This is the exact technique used by Dr Reder  that was described in the famous book “MIRACLES ON PARK AVE” by Albert B Gerber that gave techniques for treating arthritis and other chronic pain. The use of trigger point injections is one of the most effective methods to eliminate tension headaches and referred muscle pain.  Dr Shapira has been utilizing Trigger Point Injections in combination with Physiologic Dentistry to eliminate chronic pain for years in Gurnee and is excited to be offering trigger point injections in Highland Park. The use of trigger point injections is often essential in differential diagnosis of orofacial pain.  Combined with Sphenopalatine Ganglion Blocks and Physiologic Orthotics trigger point injections are the missing piece in your treatment regimen. TRIGGER POINT INJECTIONS ARE A MORE AGGRESSIVE TREATMENT THAT CAN PERMANENTLY RELIEVE TRIGGER POINT PAIN.  Many patients want to speed up their treatment of neck shoulder and back pain along with their headaches and TMJ problems.  For treating referred pain from trigger points nothing is as effective as injecting the trigger point.  A area that has caused problems for years can be fixed with a single set of injections. Dr Shapira utilizes the diagnostic physiologic orthotic as the first line treatment for TMJ disorders.  The Physiologic Othotic is an orthopedic Appliance that eliminates the causes of muscle pain, primarily over use or inappropriate use of muscles.

Trigger point deactivation with spray and stretch and injections is both treatment and part of the diagnostic process for orofacial pain disorders.