Sinus Headache, Sinusitis, Sinus Pain and TMJ Disorders

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Chronic Sinus Headache and other Sinus Pains are closely related to TMJ Disorders. The connections between these problems is multifacted.

The Trigeminal Nerve also called the Dentist’s Nerve is the underlying common source of all of these problems.

Dentists are the experts on the Trigeminal Nerrve Disorders and in particular neuromuscular dentists who optimize eliminating noxious input to the trigeminal system. The term “TMJ: The Great Imposter” was coinded because patients with TMJ disorders frequently report symptoms not specifically related to the joints.

Dentists who practice TMD and Neuromuscular Dentistry are well versed in Myofascial Pain and Dysfunction or MPD as it relates to upper body, head neck and facial pain referred from active myofascial trigger points.

The Sphenopalatine Ganglion (SPG), the largest parasympathetic ganglion in the head is on the maxillary division of the trigeminal nerve. I have taught hundreds of neuromuscular dentists both from the USA and from across the world how to utilize SPG Blocks as part of Neuromuscular Treatment.

The Sphenopalatine Ganglion also contains Sympathetic fibers of superior cervical change responsible for “Fight or Flight” reflex and when not controlled create a wide variety of stress, pain and emotional issues.

The Myomonitor utilized by Neuromuscular Dentistry effectively neuromodulates the sympathetic and parasympathetic autonnomic input from the Trigeminal Nervous System.

The majority of sinus pain and sinus headache are NOT primary issues or infections within the sinuses. Antibiotics may actually create new sinus issues related to fungal infections.

Sinus pain and Headaches can be relieved with SPG Blocks very quickly.

Long term sinus improvements are related to function and structure.  The following is a video of a patient who has experienced a cure of her lifetime sinus issues with DNA Appliance.  Neuromuscular Dentistry treated her TMJ disorders and the DNA is used for long term stabilization and to increase the size of her airway.

There are over 150 additional videos on treatment of TMJ Disorders, Headaches, Migraines, MPD, Fibromyalgia, Sinus pain, Sleep Apnea and snoring mat this link:


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Chicago Sinus Pain Relief: A Diagnostic Neuromuscular Orthotic, Trigger Point Deactivation and SPG Blocks can Eliminate Sinus Pain

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Eliminating Sinus Pain is possible because most sinus pain is referred pain rather than primary pain.  It has been estimated that 80-90 percent of patients treated for sinus pain actually have referred pain from Myofascial Triggers.

Myofascial Triggers can often be turned off instantly by utilizing trigger point deactivation with Dr. Travell Spray and Stretch Technique.  This is usually done prior to a diagnosis of primary sinus issues to prevent misdiagnosis and improper treatment protocols.

Identifying trigger points that cause referred sinus pain makes treatment rational and logical rather than blindly throwing medication at this type of pain. Trigger paoin injections can instantly relieve and prevent return of many sinus issues.

The basis or neuromuscular dentistry is to eliminate muscle spasm, myofascial taut bands and trigger points and to create a healthy environment where the body can heal.  The best medicine is when a doctor removes the impediments to healing.

A diagnostic neuromuscular orthotic can give patients a healthy articulation where minimal pathologic muscle recruitment is necessary which promotes healing.  The use of ULF-TENS rapidly relaxes muscles to aid in pain relief and in construction of a diagnostic orthotic that rapidly addresses the problem rather than the trial and error when working with muscles in spasm or with taut myofascial bands and trigger points.

The Aqualizer Appliance can often be used to jump start treatment for neuromuscular dentists but especially for doctors who have not invested in ULF-TENS.  It is a hydraulic appliance that rapidly helps jaw, nech and back muscles relax. Because it is self adjusting it accomodates improvement in head and body posture.

Many sharp ENT’s are beginning to recognize how this inexpensive appliance lets the differentiate between primary sinus pain and referred myofascial sinus pain.

The facial and trigeminal nerves are responsible for almost 100% of headaches, migraines, sinus pains, tooth pains and facial pains.  These are usually related to many factors including all the muscles of the jaw and face.