Dentistry and Chiropractic Treatment

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Dentistry and Chiropractic Treatment: “A Dentist For My Back Pain”?

dentistry-and-chiropractic-treatment-chicagoThe dentist is needed when the chiropractic adjustments don’t hold. Many people don’t realize that there tends to be a fairly close relationship between dentistry and chiropractic treatment. At first glance, these two professions appear to be very distinct from each other. People visit the chiropractor in order to get treatments for any back problems or neck problems they may be having, and people go to the dentist in order to be treated for any mouth problems they may be currently experiencing, right? For the most part, this is true.

But dentists are also able to help you when it comes to treating your neck and/or back pain. Because seeing a dentist is normally associated with having some form of mouth work done, many people aren’t aware that if you’re experiencing stiffness or soreness in your back or neck that a dentist can help you, too.

Being in pain can restrict your ability to live a full and happy life. It a good idea for you to consider seeing a dentist, as well as a chiropractor, when it comes to any back and/or neck pain you may be currently experiencing.

The Relationship Between Dentistry And Chiropractic treatment

A misaligned jaw is often the cause when someone is experiencing a lot of discomfort and/or pain in their back or neck. And because most people tend to associate back and neck pain with needing to see a chiropractor the thought of seeing a dentist in order to correct this misalignment usually doesn’t even come up. Having a misaligned jaw means having a misaligned bite and an improper head posture, and because this is mouth-related seeing a dentist can be extremely helpful in correcting this problem.

The main reason for someone having a misaligned jaw? TMJ, which can be treated using physiologic dentistry techniques. TMJ is a joint and muscle disorder that can cause the muscles located in and around your mouth to become overworked. When your body tries to properly position the jaws back together as they should be, this puts a lot of strain on the jaw muscles, as well as your back and neck.

Working Together

Anatomy of female back pain in black backgroundSometimes it’s necessary for dentists and chiropractors to work together in order to solve these problems. Both a chiropractor and a dentist can manipulate the body in order to eliminate some of the discomfort and/or pain being felt. Some of the current dental options that are available that could help alleviate any symptoms you may be experiencing include using orthotics. An orthotic is an acrylic device that’s to be worn over your lower teeth and is specifically designed for you in order to correct the misalignment in your jaw. Dr. Shapira works with Dr. Mark Freund – a chiropractor who does cranial suture release and atlas orthogonal (special form of NUCCA). Learn more about how they work together here

How Could This Help You?

In order to properly determine if your symptoms could actually be dental-related, you’re going to need a complete evaluation. We often work with chiropractors in order to help solve any back or neck problems you may be experiencing due to TMJ. Contact us to learn more about how we can help.