Stop Chicago headaches and migraines before they start with the SPG block

headache cure, migraine remedy, chronic headaches or migraines, chicago dentistIf you suffer from chronic headaches and migraines, you have probably tried multiple methods of relieving the pain. Pain is easier to prevent than it is to cure, which is why typical headache remedies so often fail. Now there is a solution to chronic headaches or migraines that works to stop the pain before it starts. The treatment is called SPG block, and it can prevent headache pain for hours or even days.

What is SPG?

SPG stands for Sphenopalatine Ganglion. It’s a group of nerve cells that is involved with the trigeminal nerve, which is the primary nerve that supplies sensation to the face and the head. Located just behind your nose, your SPG contains autonomic nerves that supply your lacrimal (tear) glands and the inner lining of your nose and sinuses. The SPG is connected to your brain stem and the covering of your brain (meninges) by the trigeminal nerve. When there is inflammation or opening of the blood vessels around the meninges, your pain receptors can be activated and send pain signals through your trigeminal nerve and eventually to the sensory area of your brain. The result is often  felt as headache or migraine pain.

The SPG block technique

The SPG block uses a numbing agent to desensitize the SPG before pain starts. The procedure only takes about five minutes to complete. The anesthetic is delivered to the SPG on an applicator with a cotton tip that is inserted through the nose. The pain relief can last for days, and the process can be repeated as necessary. It is even possible for patients to learn how to administer the anesthetic themselves at home with the cotton-tipped applicator.

Effective and safe treatment for pain

The SPG block procedure is a non-surgical, outpatient procedure that has low risks. The most common side effect is a bitter taste in the throat from the anesthesia, and this usually goes away in a few hours.

Is SPG block for you?

If you suffer from chronic headaches including migraines or cluster headaches, the SPG block procedure could help you. If you have tried other headache cures or migraine remedies and have not found lasting relief, SPG block could give you relief from pain for days at a time. Because you can learn to perform the SPG block yourself at home, you can have convenient headache pain relief when you need it.

If you are interested in learning more about the SPG block procedure and if it could help you to find relief from your headaches and migraines, call for a consultation appointment.