Sleep Disorders & Relationships

Relationship problems? You may want to read this!

sleep-disorders-and-relationshipsRelationship problems can be highly emotional events and it is often difficult to decide who or what is causing the problem. You have to think carefully about what you have been doing that is having an effect on your relationship.

It’s a good idea to look at your sleep habits as it’s quite surprising how events such as snoring can be affecting your relationship. Sleep disorders mean you do not get sufficient sleep, so you may feel tired and irritable and this can cause conflict in your relationship.  The single biggest complaint in married couples is often that the husband/ wife does not listen to their spouse.  When there is untreated sleep apnea the patient is often in a semi- awake state where they answer questions but never really hear their spouse.  This is an automatic response in patients who are excessively tired due to poor quality of sleep.

Do I have a Sleep Disorder?


How sleep disorders and relationships can affect your love life

If you snore regularly it is mostly the other partner who is going to suffer. The noise of the snoring will disturb his or her sleep. Your partner will not have the energy to function properly in the relationship and neither will you! In fact, it doesn’t matter whether it is the husband who snores or the wife who snores, any partner who snores can ruin a good night’s sleep for both of you.

According to Mayo Clinic Bedmates of Snorers Lose 15% of Sleep

If you are snoring regularly, you may have a sleep disorder called sleep apnea, which is when you are unable to get enough oxygen, so carbon dioxide accumulates in your lungs and you suddenly awake. This jogs the constriction in your throat and you start to breathe normally again. Your relationship is taking its toll in two ways. The first is the snoring, which is disturbing your partner and the second is your own sleep disturbance due to sleep apnea. It could even get to the point of the snoring ruining your relationship or marriage. Fortunately, sleep apnea effects on your relationship can be relieved with modern dental treatment options.

Snoring and Divorce

There is a direct relationship between sleep disordered breathing and divorce.  While you bedpartners sleep may be disrupted by your snoring you may also be the victim of poor sleep.  Sexual impotence, decreased sex drive and loss of interest in sex are all consequences of poor sleep.

Don’t Get Mad, Get Better Sleep If You Want To Be A Better Lover

Poor sleep disrupts multiple hormonal systems including Thyroid hormone and Growth hormone leading to slower metabolism and weight gain.  Poor sleep also disrupts your cortisol levels leading to poor ability to deal with stressful situations.  Say goodbye to healthy levels of sex hormones….Poor Sleep …Less Sex.

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Do you need a relationship counselor or a dentist?

If the lack of sleep is having an effect on your relationship you may want to explore ways you can get better sleep, rather than visiting a relationship counselor. A visit to a dentist who has training in sleep disorders can mean you are able to discover ways of helping you breathe better, especially at night.

The symptoms of sleep apnea include waking up around 100 times a night to gasp for breath. We have several devices available which will ensure a constant air flow so that you no longer wake up. The first is what is called a Mandibular Advancement Device (MAD). This is worn while asleep and keeps your jaw in such a position that it is slightly forward but down so that your airways stay open.  The other popular apparatus is the Tongue Restraining Device (TRD) which typically holds the tongue down and allows easier breathing.

Fall in love with restful sleep and quiet nights

If you have been having trouble sleeping and suspect that snoring is affecting your relationship or marriage it may be sensible to explore the possibility of getting better sleep with the help of modern dental techniques. You will need to be examined thoroughly to make sure that it is sleep apnea or another sleep disorder that is affecting you.

It is easier to re-establish a relationship when you have had restful sleep and quiet nights.

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