Dental devices can help with sleep apnea and snoring

People who snore a lot when they’re sleeping tend to have more throat and nasal tissue than those who don’t snore very often, or at all. When falling asleep, the tongue will often fall back against the back of the throat where these tissues are, causing a partial blockage that often leads to snoring, which can develop into sleep apnea. Sleep apnea is a sleeping disorder that’s very similar to snoring as it also affects the way you breathe when sleeping, and is considered to be a serious sleep disorder.

Because snoring and sleep apnea occur most often in those whose mouth and jaw area aren’t in complete alignment, it’s a good idea to seek out some dental treatments that could correct this jaw misalignment.

How do sleep devices work?

Sleep devices work by realigning the mouth and jaw areas, which is going to have a direct influence on the position of the tongue. These devices are specifically made to be worn inside of the mouth, with most being similar to that of a mouth guard. Although dental sleep devices work best for those who have mild to moderate snoring or sleep apnea issues, they can work for those with severe cases, as well.

The different sleep devices we offer 

The following is a list of some of the different dental devices that are currently available to help those who have problems sleeping due to snoring. These custom made oral appliances are all designed to open the airway so that the patient can breathe easier, which can lead to a decrease in snoring and/or sleep apnea.

These dental devices are designed for those with moderate to severe apnea.


  • Somnomed
  • Somnodent
  • SUAD
  • SUAD Elite
  • Herbst telescopic
  • Quali-Som’s TheraSom Cast
  • Narval CC
  • Sleep Apnea Management System (SAAMS)

These dental devices are specifically designed to address tongue placement, keeping it forward during sleep so the patient can breathe easier.


  • Tongue Retaining Device (TRD)
  • SNOR-X
  • Nose Breathe Appliance
  • SnoreFree
  • SnoreGuard
  • SomnoGuard
  • 2.0 Snore-Aid
  • aveoTSD
  • SomnoGuard AP®
  • SomnoGuard AP Pro®

These custom made oral appliances are specifically designed for both comfort and flexibility.


  • Clasp Retained Mandibular Positioner
  • Elastomeric Sleep Appliance
  • OSAP

These dental appliances are specifically designed to readjust the position of the jaw, and works best for those who snore or have mild to moderate sleep apnea.


  • Mandibular Inclined Repositioning Splint (MIRS)
  • Nocturnal Airway Patency Appliance (NAPA)
  • Adjustable PM Positioner
  • Z-Quiet Pro-Plus
  • APM Ultra
  • Hilsen Adjustable Positioning Appliance
  • The Moses Appliance
  • Klearway Oral Appliance
  • NORAD Appliance
  • Medical Dental Sleep Appliance (MDSA)
  • Silent Nite
  • Z-appliance
  • TheraSnore Adjustable
  • CPAP Pro

These devices allow fine tune precision for correcting the jaw misalignment that causes snoring and sleep apnea.


  • Silencer System
  • Elastic Mandibular Advancement Appliance (EMA)

For those who have trouble wearing a nasal mask and/or straps, this is  a great option.


  • Oral Pressure Appliance (OPAP)

Find out which one is right for you

We invite you contact us now so we can schedule an appointment for you so you can come in and discuss which of these options are going to work best in your particular situation.