How to get relief from your Chicago TMJ pain

TMJ symptoms, dental orthotics, TMJ mouthguard, TMJ appliance, chicago dentistIf you are a victim of a TMJ disorder, you are likely to be suffering from TMJ pain. TMJ disorders revolve around the temporomandibular joint of the jaw. This essential hinge connects the upper and lower jaw. It’s an intricate system of muscles, tendons, nerves, and bones. When everything works properly, your jaw will move seamlessly while you eat, talk, or yawn. Your jaw is put through a great deal of use every day. If it is out of alignment, inflamed, or stressed, it can result in TMJ pain. Deal with that pain day after day and you can feel like you are at your wit’s end.

TMJ symptoms can wear you down

When you struggle with TMJ pain, it can affect more than your jaw. While pain, swelling, and tenderness around the TMJ joint is common, it can radiate to other parts of your body. You could be the victim of chronic migraines and earaches. Even your throat could be sore because of your TMJ disorder. Neck, shoulder, and back pain are common TMJ symptoms as well. If you have had enough of the pain, look to your dentist for help.

Dental orthotics could be the solution

TMJ pain can make you try anything, from massage therapy to a long list of pain killers. While you may be able to find temporary relief for your TMJ symptoms, you need something that will last and get to the root of your troubles. Dental orthotics offer you a solution for your TMJ pain. A TMJ mouthguard or TMJ appliance can be tailored to address your problem. It can relieve the strain and help your jaw to align properly.

Are orthotics the answer for your TMJ pain? Find out

Make an appointment with your Chicago dentist to find the right solution for your TMJ pain. The first step will be a proper diagnosis through an examination and diagnostics. From that point, your dentist will have a better understanding of your pain. Once the cause is determined, it will be possible to find the best solution to treat your TMJ disorder. With dental orthotics that are a custom fit for you, your TMJ pain can be a thing of the past.