All headaches and migraines are directly or indirectly from the Trigeminal Nervous System. They are usually associated with myofascial pain and often with TMJ Disorders.

During pregnancy many postural changes occur over time that can lead to chronic Myofascial Pain and Migraines.

Neuromuscular Diagnostic Orthotics are commonly used to permanently correct the underlying issues leading to TMD and Migraine.

This is a case presentation of extremely severe migraines that started during pregnancy and intensified in the months following delivery until they became unbearable. Postural and breathing pattern changes are often associated with migraines and post-partum depression.

Trigger point injections in the Temporalis muscles and Occipitalis muscles gave total relief in less than 30 minutes that has persisted for 8 weeks.

Trigger point injections utilize lidocaine and when done in occipitalis muscle may give serendipitous blocks to Greater and Lesser Occipital Nerves as well. Occipital nerve blocks are a first line treatment for occipital migraines.

Self-Administered SPG Blocks are often extremely effective in treating post-partum migraines and Sympathetic Overload that can lead to depression.