Having trouble concentrating, Chicago? Poor sleep could be the cause

Having trouble concentrating, Chicago? Poor sleep could be the causeMillions of people are not getting enough sleep. Our busy lifestyles sometimes make the recommended average of 8 hours a night impossible. But there is more to good sleep than simply the number of hours you sleep. Continuous deep sleep is the key to recharging your body and feeling refreshed when you wake up and carrying that energy through the entire day.

Eight hours a night of restless, interrupted sleep is not healthy, and many people may be experiencing this without even realizing it. If you suffer from fatigue, trouble concentrating or a feeling of being tired all the time, you might have a sleep disorder.

We’re talking about sleep apnea

One of the most common sleep disorders, and one that often goes undiagnosed, is sleep apnea. Someone with this condition may think they sleep all night, but in reality they’ve awoken very briefly multiple times a night. This occurs because of a blockage of the air passageways that causes the person to literally stop breathing.

If you suffer from sleep apnea, you may wake up hundreds of times every night to catch your breath, then go back to sleep. This can cause you to wake up in the morning feeling tired, wondering why because you believe you slept all night.

What causes sleep apnea?

Sleep apnea is caused by tissues in the back of the throat that block the flow of air. Sometimes the tongue itself can fall back and cause the blockage. A telltale sign of sleep apnea is heavy snoring.

Snoring is the sound of the vibration of the tissues as air is trying to get through. Being male, over 40 and being overweight make you more prone to sleep apnea, but it can affect anyone. People with jaw problems, crooked teeth or a misaligned bite may be at higher risk.

Sleep apnea can be dangerous

Sleep apnea symptoms include chronic fatigue, headaches and difficulty concentrating. Poor concentration can lead to relationship problems, problems at work and an inability to make rational decisions. One of the biggest dangers of poor sleep is the possibility of making poor decisions that involve safety risks. When you are always tired and have trouble thinking and concentrating, you can put your relationships, your job and quite possibly your personal safety at risk.

Luckily there are treatment options

If you have trouble concentrating, fatigue or a general feeling of tiredness most of the time, you could have sleep apnea. There are several treatment options for this condition that can let you have a good night’s sleep, every night, which can greatly improve the quality of your life. Surprisingly, your Chicago dentist may be able to help you with a dental solution.

Don’t let poor sleep put your safety, your job and your health at risk. Contact us for a consultation appointment to discuss the options for putting an end to poor sleep.

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