This blog is reprinted form I Hate Headaches. It is important to stress the basics of Physiologic Dentistry. I am also finding that I get patients from around the country to this website. While I make special accomodations for long distance patients in search of quick relief I also want to help them find Physiologic Dentists close to their homes.


If you are looking for a Physiologic Dentist dedicaed to the art and science of the field I strongly suggest a member of the International College of CranioMandibular Orthopedics (ICCMO) at their website That site has an extensive educational area for patients that is continually being updated.

My description of What is Physiologic Dentistry that was originally written for the American Equilibration Society and republished in the ICCMO anthology and by Sleep and Health Journal is considered one of the most succint and easy to understand descrptions of the basic principles of Physiologic Dentistry.

Physiologic Dentistry or NMD is a field of medicine and dentistry based on the work of Barney Jakelson. There are many greats in the field including Norman Thomas BDS, PhD, Barry Cooper, Jim Geary and Barney Jankelson’s son Bob Jankelson who wrote the tesxtbook on Physiologic Dentistry. The International College of CranioMandibular Orthopedics is the organization devoted to the field of Physiologic Dentistry and is universalIy acknowledged as the primary organization representing Physiologic Dentistry. There is an American Section of ICCMO representing Physiologic Dentists in North America, There is a South American ICCMO based in Argentina, There are large ICCMO chapters in Japa, Germany and a newly organized group in Russia. I have personally been working in the field of Physiologic Dentistry for over 35 years.been working in the field of Physiologic Dentistry for 35 years.

Dr Janet Travell famed for her work with Myofascial Pain and Dysfunction described in detail in her textbook the mechanism of trigger points, taut bands and myofascial pain. She lectured at meetings in conjunction with ICCMO and much of her work is directly related to Physiologic Dentistry. Her descriptions of how trigger points form is directly addressed by Physiologic Dentistry.

Physiologic Dentistry is the most physiological based approach to dentistry and treatment of TMJ disorders, TMD, Migraines, and headaches. There is more to Physiologic Dentistry than teeth, bones and joints which is where most of dentistry focuses. Physiologic Dentistry looks at the entire nervous system including the parasympathetic and sympathetic portins of the autonomic nervous system and closely looks at physiological aspects of the somatic nervous system. The stomatognathic must look beyond the jaws and teeth and look at how this interacts with the entire body.

Posture is a primary function of the masticatory system that is ignored by most of dentistry. Airway maintenance is another primary function of the the masticatory apparatus and associated systems. The Quadrant Theorem of Guzay explains from a mechanical engineering view how the TMJoint and head posture and the Atlas and Axis vertebrae interact.

Physiologic Dentistry utilizes objective data to measure how function and physiology work together. Physiologic Dentistry utolizes EMG to measure muscle physiology and function (dysfunction). The use of Ultra Low Frequency TENS in Physiologic Dentistry to create relax musculature was not discovered by Dr Barney Jankelson but was found during basic science research. The genius of Dr Jankelson was utilizing it to relax the trigeminally innervated muscles that move the jaws.

The utilization of the Mandibular Kinesiograph now called computerized Mandibular Scans allow careful evaluation of jaw function is three dimensions in real time or in slow motion. There are two companies that make equipment for Physiologic Dentists, Myotronics the company founded by Barney Jnkelson and BioResearch who also manufactures equipment for Physiologic Dentists.

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The Las Vegas Institute (LVI) utilizes Physiologic Dentistry as the basis for its educational programs. I strongly suggest finding LVI dentists who are also members of ICCMO. It is important to understand that not all LVI dentists are Physiologic Dentists.