Paediatric snoring and ADD/ADHD

Pediatric snoring and ADD/ADHD,Attention deficit disorder and associated hyper-activity in children has been diagnosed regularly by doctors over the past few decades. Many times the diagnosis is done at the request of a elementary school health representative for an over-active child, resulting in using Ritalin as a symptom treatment.

The problem with these regular recommendations is that they may have resulted in over-diagnosis based only on partial observation. The child may also have other medical problems that only manifest while at home, such as a sleeping disorder.

Childhood breathing issues can be a problem

With the advancements in sleep disorder dentistry, contemporary medical professionals are finally understanding the possibility that many hyper-activity or attention deficit cases have a direct correlation with sleeping disorders. Ritalin therapy is not always the best medical answer, and it can clearly lead to other problems later in life resulting from Ritalin therapy side-effects.

Tonsils and adenoids can also compound breathing problems for children while they sleep, and severe cases of sleep apnea may require removal. Sleeping disorders in children can also create extensive sweating episodes during the sleep cycle, which is often only observed by the parent, so watching for the signs is important.

Sleep disorder dentistry can help

ADD and ADHD can commonly be a valid misdiagnosis of sleep apnea during childhood, especially in acute cases. Many times after the child is treated with sleep disorder dentistry, such as using a personal dental orthotic like a DNA appliance, the child will return to a normal sleep cycle. Additionally, the adolescent can enjoy normal childhood activities that can provide better caloric discharge and an improved appetite. Treating the actual medical cause provides for better overall health and restores a normal growth cycle.

Kids learn better with healthy sleep

Effective sleep disorder dentistry treatment can lead to a better energy level for the child, along with giving them an opportunity to become a better student. The ability to learn is synonymous with the ability to think, and well-rested children respond much better when sleep problems are resolved instead of merely treating the symptom.

Education is crucial for personal success and happiness in contemporary society. Studies have regularly shown that students who struggle with learning early in life will have a difficult time adjusting educationally because educational curriculum is structured in multiple grade levels of necessary information.

DO ask questions

Do not accept a diagnosis of being an “over concerned parent” if your child is experiencing problems with sleeping that are affecting functioning in life.

Paediatric snoring is not normal, and it is clearly an indication that something may be causing the child problems other than the typical ADD/ADHD assumption. Always be diligent and seek advice from a qualified medical expert for a second opinion and in-depth analysis.