Peter Mueller, a 60 year old patient who came in from Germany to Chicago for his TMJ appointment.

He discusses how Dr Shapira helped him to recover from a very long time of ever increasing pain levels.

When he first saw Dr Shapira in 2008 he had suffered severe TMJ problems for more than 20 years starting with numbness on the right side of the face. He then had pain in both the joints (TMJ, TMJoints) of the jaw, the neck and later on all-over headaches.

Peter would avoid any cold, wind and/or air conditioning which would make the pain worse. He had previously been wearing an appliance for his bruxism and been having massages and chiropractor appointments with increasing frequency.

Despite all of those measures the pain level increased further.

“When I saw Dr Shapira he recommended I wear an Orthodontic Appliance (Peter wears a Neuromuscular Orthotic) 24/7 and have upper Cervical Adjustment with a NUCCA Chiropractic Doctor.”
(Nucca and Atlas Orthoganol Chiropractic focue on the Occipital-Atlas-Axis or the connection of the head to upper spine)

“With this treatment there was tremendous improvement!”

I still have headaches once or twice a week (alleviated with one tablet acetaminophen) but the Level of the Pain is Much MUCH LOWER!

The muscles around the neck are more relaxed and I have a MUCH CLEARER MIND!

When I moved back to Europe in 2009 I came every other year to see Dr Shapira for adjustment of the Orthodontic Appliance (Neuromuscular Orthotic).

Thanks Ira for making all of this possible.

Peter’s Neuromuscular Orthotic is made out of Gold and it has not given him any problems other than needing to clean his teeth a little more often.

He is wearing it during this video and it is not at all visible or a problem for speaking.

Peter and I have become good friends over the years. My wife Anna and I had a very nice dinner and evening with Peter and his wife :inda before he headed home.