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Stress Free Visits to the Dentist

Nucalm: Stress and Worry Free Dentistry

nucalm-logo-home-300x105When it comes time to see a dentist, there are a large number of people who undergo a good deal of stress just thinking about making an appointment. They have a lot of dentist-related fear and/or anxiety and therefore often avoid going to the dentist altogether.

The good news is that there are many dental sedation options available for you these days that are very effective and simple to use, with some options even been completely drug free and needle free.  

Stay Calm with NuCalm

Nucalm is a method of dental sedation that doesn’t use any narcotics or controlled substances. It’s an extreme relaxation technique that has no side effects, which means once you leave the office you’re going to feel completely relaxed and refreshed with no hangover effects.

There are four steps that need to be followed when Nucalm is used as a method for dental sedation, which will relieve all of the stress and anxiety you’re feeling and therefore can put your body into a deep relaxation state.

  1. The first step involves consuming tablets that are full of essential nutrients that will help your body enter a deep state of relaxation.
  2. The second step requires you to wear noise reduction headphones while listening to soothing music. The patterns of this music is specifically created so that they can make your brain believe that you’re getting ready to go to sleep, inducing more relation.
  3. A couple of small patches are placed behind your ears that will help bring the essential nutrients into your brain and  to induce a relaxation response directly from your brain.
  4. You’ll wear a pair of special glasses that will block out all of the light, which is scientifically proven to help your body stay in its complete relaxation state.

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A Personal Stress Reducing System

NuCalm-Patient-London-300x200Nucalm works by turning off our body’s fight or flight response, which is triggered when we’re in a situation that causes us a lot of fear, stress and/or anxiety.

When Nucalm is used, it is able to suppresses your body’s natural impulses. So instead of your feeling this normal fight or flight response, your body goes into a deep relaxation state.

NuCalm and TMJ

Because so many chronic pain disorders including TMJ are the result of the high chronic stress and how we adapt to this stress NuCalm allows us to turn off this stress response in the privacy of our own homes.  It is a superior alternative to many of the medications used for stress and anxiety and does not have adverse side effects.  The NuCalm system is expensive but it offers a healthy method of turning off excessive sympathetic stimulation associated with stress.

In addition to managing dental anxiety, Nucalm can also help you manage stress and fear, and that’s why many clients can have their own Nucalm system at home.  NuCalm may be the ideal treatment for chronic anxiety.

The Blackhawks hockey team uses NuCalm during road games and credited NuCalm, in part, with winning the Stanley Cup.

Is It For You?

If you’d like to learn more about Nucalm in order to find out if it’s a good choice for you, contact us and we can discuss if this is the best option for you.

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