The majority of all headaches are partially or completely caused by or aggravated by myofascial trigger points in the head and neck region. The best doctors to do trigger point injections are usually dentists trained in treating TMJ disorders.

These trigger points can often be treated non-invasively by myotherapy, acupressure and one of the most effective treatments is the use of ultra-low frequency TENS.
the Myomonitor is the ULF_TENS utilized in neuromuscular dentistry to relax muscles in stomatognathic system and facial muscles. The myomonitor can often temporarily eliminate headaches and migraines.

The Diagnostic Neuromuscunt usually occur.lar Orthotic is designed to maintain muscle relaxed state and eliminate pain.

Trigger Point injections is usually doen in combination with stretch. Typically lidocaine is used in these injections which can produce very rapid pain elimination.

They best way to understand the referral patterns for headaches is to visit The x’s are where trigger points are and the red areas are where patients feel their pain.

Trigger Point injections are one of the fastest methods of eliminating pain very quickly.