Even though the term Vascular Headache is routinely used to describe migraines and cluster headaches most research shows they are actually neurogenic and controlled by the brain. This is because of the neural innervation of the cranial circulation in the meninges.

These neurodilator mechanisms and the vasodilation that follows can be triggered by experimental Trigeminal Nerve pain.

Research has shown that the vasodilation is in whole or in part an effect of the Trigeminoparasympathetic reflex.

This information is taken from “The Trigeminovascular System in Humans: PATHOPHYSIPOLOGICAL IMPLICATIONS FOR THE HEADACHE SYNDROME OF THE NEURAL INFLUENCES ON THE CEREBRAL CIRCULATION” by Arne May and Peter Goadsby.

The Trigeminal Nervous system controls more that 50% of the input to the brain after amplification in the reticular activating system.

The best way to control, minimize or eliminate migraines and cluster headaches is to positively affect the input to the trigeminal nervous system and eliminate noxious input into the system.

The best way to eliminate noxious input to the trigeminal system is not drugs, botox, trigger point injections or steroids. The use of a physiologic orthotic that is the best way to balance proprioception throughout the trigeminal system before in enters the Mesencephalic Nucleus.

The mesencephalic nucleus of the trigeminal nerve is involved with proprioception of the face jaws teeth and face. The periodontal ligaments are the largest input to the trigeminal nerve.

The neurons in the mesencephalic nucleus are electrically coupled and contain no chemical synapses.  This is unique to the Mesencephalic nucleus

Neurons of the Mesencephalic nucleus are pseudounipolar cells and receive proprioceptive information from the mandibular branch of the trigeminal nerve control the trigeminal motor nucleus to mediate monosynaptic jaw jerk reflexes.

The mesencephalic nucleus is the only structure in the Central Nervous System that contains the cell bodies of a primary afferent. These cell bodies are usually contained within ganglia

Controlling the input to the CNS thru the Trigeminal nervous system and the Mesencephalic Nucleus offers the best hope of eliminating “so called vascular headaches” such as cluster headaches and migraine.

Only the physiologic dentist has the knowledge and tools to accomplish this.