Mewing Tongue Posture | Train Your Tongue to Attach to Your Mouth video thumbnail by Brett Maverick

Have you heard of mewing? 

No, it’s not the sound your cat makes. Actually, it’s a practice that can change the shape of your face. 

Why would you ever want to do something like that? Well, according to scientific research, people perceive those around them as trustworthy or strong based on the shape of their face, as well as their facial features. 

Mewing is something that can help put you in the best light possible. Additionally, it’s an integral part of a dental treatment plan known as Orthotropics. 

Just what are mewing and Orthotropics for adults? Are they really healthy? How does your dentist feel about them? 

Orthotropics for Adults – How Does the Concept of Mewing Work?

Mewing is the practice of proper tongue posture. A British dentist by the name of Mike Mew developed it. Dr. Mew says that the posture of your tongue, as well as the way you chew and swallow, all have an impact on the skeletal structure of your face. 

The interesting thing about his theory is that it doesn’t just work when you’re a child. You can retrain your tongue how to function properly and start changing your facial features right now. 

One way this is done is with Orthotropics for adults. Trying to learn correct tongue posture on your own isn’t easy for everyone – and when something isn’t easy, it’s easy to let it slide. 

Fortunately, you don’t have to rely on yourself to retrain your tongue or change your facial features. You can get help from an orthotropic device. 

What Does Dr. Shapira Think About Mewing and Orthotropics? 

Dr. Shapira is totally on board with Orthotropics and offers a DNA appliance, as well as an RNA appliance. These appliances can help with numerous dental issues, including snoring, a misaligned bite, TMJ disorders, and mouth pain. Additionally, they can help widen your jaw, for a fuller facial appearance, align your upper and lower teeth, and define your jawline

Are these appliances ideal for patients of all ages? It really depends on the individual needs of the patient. For example, Dr. Shapira would refer pediatric patients to a local Chicago pediatric orthodontist, Dr. Kevin Boyd, for treatment. Children have different needs than adults and a specialist in this area would suit the needs of the patient better. 

When it comes to adult patients, though, Dr. Shapira is happy to discuss the possible use of a DNA appliance and how it would benefit you. 

How Does the DNA Appliance Work?

Wearing an orthotropic device is incredibly easy and painless. 

You wear the devices at night while you sleep. During that time, the device starts to realign your teeth slowly and stimulates facial bone growth. Your mouth size will eventually increase in size, giving your tongue and teeth the space they need to function properly. 

When you wake up in the morning, you simply take the appliance out, clean it, and you’re good to go for the day. 

Are You Ready to Change Your Face Shape and Improve Your Oral Health?  

The great thing about the DNA appliance, the RNA appliance, and Orthotropics for adults is that you’re not just moving things around for aesthetic purposes. 

Granted, if this is your goal – go for it! However, these devices can benefit your overall health and wellness, too. 

Wearing one of these appliances can reduce your pain from TMJ disorder, in addition to realigning your teeth for better function and easier mastication. You might even stop snoring – something you and your partner can both appreciate!

Mewing and Orthotropics are game-changers – something that can take your oral health, and even your appearance, to the next level. 

Are you interested in learning more about the DNA appliance? Contact us to schedule a consultation, and we’ll explain how this appliance can help you!