Chronic headaches can rapidly erode the quality of your life. Living with headaches has adverse effects on your relationship with your spouse and your children.

Medications come with a host of side effects and while they can be somewhat effective they often create more problems. When a single medication is ineffective it is not uncommon to use multiple medications.  People often assume you are angry with them because while the headaches are real to you no one can really understand what you are dealing with on a daily basis.

The effects on your quality of life is cumulative and often lead to depression and exhaustion. Many headache sufferers feel guilt over the effect their headaches are harming their families.  There is hope because almost 100% of headaches can be eliminated or vastly improved without medication. Headaches are symptoms of problems with the Trigeminal Nervous System.    Muscle Tension headaches are usually related to Myofascial Pain and Dysfunction and active trigger points. Massage, Physical Therapy and Chiropractic treatment are helpful but do not address the Trigeminal Nerves which are involved in all headaches, chronic daily headaches, migraines, chronic daily migraines, Atypical migraines cluster headaches and other autonomic cephalgias.

Physiologic Dentistry is extremely effective in eliminating noxious input to the trigeminal nervous system. Trigger point injections, spray and stretch techniques and SphenoPalatine Ganglion Blocks can often offer immediate relief.   TMJ disorders or TMD is a term often used to include all pain treatment associated with jaw problems. TMD is not a diagnosis but rather a garbage diagnosis that must be broken into small bites that are addressed. The Trigeminal Nervous System is at the root of your problems and holds the answers you seek.

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