This is a patient who contacted Dr Shapira from the I Hate website.


Lisa:  Tell us about your headaches…:    So I had an mri done & found out that my jaw was partially dislocated. I have braced to correct it. My headaches start in the back of my head & it feels like the blood vessels are swelling up. I bend over & the pain is extremely painful. My entire head hurts. At first I thought they were migraines but now I think they are tmj headaches.

Dr Shapira’s Response

Dear Lisa,
You did not make it clear how long this problem has existed.  A recent dislocation is easy to treat while long term ones are more difficult.  This video is of a patient with a dislocated disk.  Braces will not reduce a dislocation.  Long-term dislocations require different types of treatment.
The type of headache can be a tricky question and the diagnosis made may vary by doctor.  All headaches,  whether they are migraine, tension, sinus, occipital, cluster, TMJ or other type have a common root,  the trigeminal nerve.  The trigeminal nerve is often called the “Dentist’sNerve” becaus dentists are routinely anesthesizing, manipulating both the trigeminal nerve and the structures that feed into it.  The trigeminal nerve also determines the blood flow to the anterior two thirds of the meninges of the brain.
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