Improving the quality of your life whether you are suffering from TMJ Disorders, Chronic Migraines, Tension Headaches, Sinus Pain or Chronic Daily Headaches is the best reason to seek out a Physiologic Dentist.  The question often arises where do I find the best Physiologic Dentists.  I created the website I Hate to help patients find a Physiologic Dentist but unfortunately many areas do not have dentists listed on that site.   I strongly recommend visiting it to understand the types of pain treated with physiologic dentistry and the science behind treatment.

I see patients in my offices in Highland Park and Gurnee and many travel long distances.  I have had patients fly to Chicago from as far South Africa, Athens, Florida, Boulder Colorado , NYC and drive in from Michigan, Indiana , Southern Illinois and Indiana.  I make special arrangements for long distance patients who want me to treat the personally.

It is more practical for most people to find a qualified Physiologic Dentist in their area.  An excellent resource is ICCMO, The International College of CranioMandibular Orthopedics.  This is the group dedicated to the advancement of the science of physiologic dentistry that was originally started by Dr Barney Jankelson and the other pioneers of Physiologic Dentistry.

I was sponsored to join ICCMO by Dr J himself  Dr Barney Jankelson.  The website can be accessed by

There is a find a Physiologic Dentist tab in the patient area of the site.

There are ongoing educational opportunities thru ICCMO and there are private educational groups.  I find that ICCMO dentists are most devoted to the underlying  physiologic concepts that create ideal physiologic response.  Private groups often do not encourage members to join ICCMO for financial reasons they prefer their students spend all their educational resources with them and not toward advancing the field of Physiologic Dentistry.