Drug Free Treatment of headaches is best achieved by addressing the Trigeminal Nervous System, the cranio-cervical musculature and head posture. The second most important cause of headaches is referred myofascial pain from trigger points in head and jaw muscles.

Physiologic Dentistry is the best way to change the input to the Trigeminal-vascular system that controls blood flow to the brain and the Trigemino-cervical complex responsible.

These two systems are responsible for almost 100% of all headaches. Physiologic dentists work with chiropractors, osteopaths, physical therapist and massage therapists to correct head posture.

The physiologic dentist can change the landing spot where the upper and lower jaw come together 2000 time a day when swallowing. This is a reset mechanism and is why adjustments of these practitioners don’t always hold. This is especially true of NUCCA and Atlas-Orthoganol Chiropractors.

Correcting posture and muscle function with an ideal bite can help stability, relieve repetitive strain and eliminate muscle tension and myofascial headaches.