Patients with TMJ disorders and with MPD, Myofascial Pain and Dysfunction Syndrome often live with chronic pain.  Living with chronic pain can often lead to sleep disorders and/or depression.

We feel pain in the Limbic system of our brain.  It is the same system where we feel emotion.  Pain is probably the most negative emotion one can experience.  It is very difficult to feel happy, excited and good while feeling depressed, unhappy, sad or pain.

When a patient is in chronic pain it is normal to become depressed.  It is not normal to live your life in constant pain.

Brain Plasticity is the process where the brain tissues accommodate to chronic pain making treatment more difficult   It is vital to address pain issues before the become chronic.

Pschosomatic Pain is commonly diagnosed by physicians, in layman’s terms it translate into “I hurt because I’m crazy” but in reality Somatopsychic pain is more common.  It translates into “My pain is making me crazy”

If you are in continuos pain and don’t become depressed you are “certifiable”  Imagine if someone stuck a knife in your shoulder and started twisting it,  how long would it take to become “depressed”.

Pain is a warnig sign that should be listened to.