Can dentistry provide a virtual fountain of youth? Beautiful smiles are about far more than white teeth. Beautiful Smiles ideally have healthy anatomical and physiological basis.

Face lift Dentistry, Virtual facelifts, Denture Facelift are actually possible by utilizing physiologic dentistry and esthetic dentistry to recreate an ideal physiological position for the maxilla and mandible.

This may seem impossible but is more understandable when you consider TV shows like CSI.

The skeleton and the teeth supports the soft tissues of the face. In theses shows the do dramatic recreations of the face from just a skull. They know based on bony landmarks what the soft tissues will look like. Changing the bite in these patients would drastically change the entire facial reconstruction. The power of ideal dentistry is immense.

Bringing the lower jaw forward give a stronger chin bringing it back gives a weaker chin. The bite, the way the teeth create the length of the face is described in dentistry as vertical dimension. Increasing vertical dimension give a longer less round or chubby face with more prominent cheekbones.

Decreasing vertical dimension makes the lips narrpwer and causes the corners of the mouth to droop. Decreased vertical dimension is also associated with forward head posture and neckk and back pain.

The position and size of teeth give support to the cheeks and lips.

Denture patients can have “plumpers added to their existing dentures for a younger healthier look even when the actual teeth are ideal.

The use of the DNA Appliance can orthopedically grow the maxilla and mandible larger actually restoring natural genetic potential.

Due to environmental pollution, soft diet, allergies and insufficient breast feeding most Americans have underdeveloped jaws compared to historical anthropological norms.

This underdeveloped gives narrow arches and narrow unattractive smiles with dark buccal corridors. It is responsibe for crowding and other cosmetic issues. The DNA Appliance is the best non-surgical approach to correcting these problems in adults.

Adults were all once children and the best time to correct the problem is at two to seven years of age with orthopedic growth unfortunately the majority of orthodontic patients start too late to correct these problems easily.

These same developmental issues are associated with snoring, sleep apnea, chronic pain, headaches, migraines an TMJ disorders. Problems like ADD, ADHD, Dyslexia, OBD are also associated with this underdevelopment.

Early intervention can prevent many of these problems, especially ADD, ADHD and behavioral disorders. Early intervention is between 2 and 7 years old. The faces of kids with problems show signs even before 2 years of age. Sometimes referred to as adenoid facies or just FLK (funny looking kids).

The single most important thing are jaws and teeth do is maintain our airway when awake and asleep.