What to do about that tingling in your hands, legs and feet, Chicago

Numbness in hands, legs and feet, chicago dentistTingling sensations in the body extremities can be difficult to pinpoint and treat in many situations. Most people associate numbness in the hands, legs and feet with circulatory problems, but the truth is that pinched nerves can result in the same physical problem as restricted circulation.

The causes of the numbness and tingling are not always in the location of the experienced muscle pain, as the problems could be a result of trigger points within the myofascial skeletal system or connected to a TMJ disorder.

What is the TMJ?

TMJ is the abbreviation for the temporo-mandibular joint. The TMJ sits just below the ear and is effectively the hinge that connects the lower jaw bone to the base of the skull. A malfunctioning TMJ can obviously affect the tissues and nerves adjacent to the jaw joint, but it can also impact the myofascial skeletal system that runs throughout the body.

Your TMJ is the one of the most complex joints in your body, and it can have a long range physical impact, including creating pinched nerves that cause numbness or referred pain at practically any body location.

What are trigger points?

TMJ trigger points are the exact location of the bundled nerves that are blocking stimulation to the particular extremity being affected. In the most serious cases, the numbness and tingling to extend all the way to the feet. The tingling is caused by taut bands in the myofascial system that develop over time.

Seeking a TMJ treatment option from a Chicago TMJ dentistry specialist can be the best treatment decision for true fast, relief of muscle pain or numbness. A TMJ trigger point problem is often best treated with injections that relieve the pressure being created by the bound taut bands. These trigger point injections are similar to acupuncture, and should be administered by a medical professional who is trained specifically in TMJ treatment methods.

True pain relief

The TMJ is misunderstood by many general doctors who treat only the symptoms. Effective treatment to relieve numbness in hands, legs and feet often requires some type of evaluation from a TMJ dentistry professional. If you would like to learn more about TMJ and how it creates  numbness in hands, legs and feet, please schedule a consultation