Severe Neck Pain, Tension Headaches, Migraines and Fibromylgia
Living with pain is awful but needlessly living with pain is far worse. I have had patients with headaches of fifty year duration and chronic neck pain for years that can be relieved easily. While they love losing their pain they are often very angry over living in pain when relief was so easy.

Pain Treatment is about improving your Quality of Life!

There is no cure for the pain you have already suffered but it is possible to have a Better Life.
The only real cure would be a Do-Over of all the years and choices you made because of pain. The times you snapped at a loved one or didn’t go out with friends. How would your life have been different without the burden of pain.

This website is called because the only people who can have a better life are ones who believe it is possible.

Life is too short to suffer needless pain and suffering. Please view my you-tube videos and Think about Your Better Life. Nancy who suffered from severe neck pain for over 15 years filmed this video on the first day of treatment.

Other videos can e found on my you-tube channel.