A surprising cure for Chicago headaches and migraines

physiologic dentistry, TMD Chicago, TMJ treatment, Chicago dentistWhen people experience the agony of severe headaches or migraines, usually the only thing they can think about is getting rid of the pain. Perhaps you are one of them, and you have struggled with chronic migraines, migraines with aura, sinus headaches or other severe headaches for years, but no matter what treatments you try, the pain always come back. If you continue to suffer with chronic headaches, it may be time to consider a new approach. Physiologic dentistry may hold the keys to unlock the source of your pain and provide the relief you deserve.

How is a physiologic dentist different from other doctors?

A specialist in this field has received advanced training in the science of Physiologic Dentistry and does more than check your teeth. They also conduct a full examination of your physiologic, dental and bone structure. This provides a complete picture of how your jaw is currently functioning, as well as what issues, like a broken tooth, are affecting that functionality.

How can a bad bite cause headaches?

It is possible that the source of your headaches begins with a problem in your TM jaw joints, more commonly called a TMJ disorder, or TMD. There are many factors that can cause this, including broken, crooked or worn down teeth, an injury to the jaw or simple genetics, and this makes it extremely difficult for untrained doctors to find. Even if you received appropriate dental treatment at the time, it might not have resolved the deeper problem of a changed or misaligned bite.

Any one of these events can change the way your teeth fit together. When this happens, your body often tries to “right” this wrong by clenching or grinding your teeth to force them back into position. Unfortunately, this only throws things even further out of balance and places an extraordinary amount of pressure on your TM joints. Left undiagnosed and untreated, Chicago TMD can lead to all kinds of pain issues, including severe headaches or migraines. Additional symptoms may include:

  • Dizziness
  • Ear ringing
  • Neck, jaw or shoulder pain
  • Vision problems

Stop the pain

Schedule a consultation with a Chicago physiologic dentist. From dental treatment, to SPG blocks, there are ways a dentist can tackle your TMD headache and migraine pain.

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