There is no specialty of Dental Sleep Medicine but there is a Dilplomate status from the American Board of Dental Sleep Medicine.
I am a Diplomate, of the American Board of Dental Sleep Medicine as long or longer than any other dentists anywhere in the Chicago area or anywhere in the US.
I was the first dentist to be an Assistant Professor at a Medical School doing research in the field of Dental Sleep Medicine, originally as a visiting Assistant Professor at Rush Medical School in 1985-1991 under Dr Rosalind Cartwright the Mother of Dental Sleep medicine. I was requested to return to Rush by Dr Cartwright as an Assistant Professor from 1998-2001. Both Times I left Rush Medical School was due to my wife’s health and needing time with my family.
I have taught Dental Sleep Medicine and Sleep Medicine to thousands of physicians and dentists in the US and abroad as well as giving courses to sleep technologists i training.