3 alternative headache treatments you may not have heard of , Chicago

 holistic treatment for headaches and migraines, chicago dentist For centuries people have tried to rid themselves of headache pain with medications that cannot cure, and often only partially relieve the pain. If you suffer from frequent headaches or migraines and are tired of swallowing pills constantly and still feeling pain, it may be time for you to look into an alternative headache treatment.

1. SPG block

For years medical scientists have known that the key to headache pain lies in a bundle of nerve cells called the Sphenopalatine Ganglion. These cells are in the center of your head, and they can trigger headache pain when they get overly stimulated. SPG block is a method of delivering anesthesia to deaden the pain that originates with the Sphenopalatine Ganglion. The medication is delivered through the nose with a cotton-tipped applicator. People who suffer from frequent headaches can be instructed on how to use the applicator themselves at home.

2. Spray and Stretch

TMJ disorder is caused by stress on the temporomandibular or jaw joints, and it can cause headaches and migraines in addition to other types of head, facial and spinal pain. Spray and Stretch is a spray-on anesthetic that works by instantly cooling the skin. When applied to the face near the jaws, the muscles beneath that area relax, which can relieve head and facial pain caused by muscle tension.

3. Physiologic dentistry

Sometimes the teeth are the cause of TMJ disorder and related headaches. A misaligned bite puts stress on the jaws and can cause TMJ and pain. Physiologic dentistry includes the design of custom-fitted mouthguards that position the jaws correctly for optimum joint and muscle stress relief. More permanent solutions can be found with orthodontic treatment to move the teeth into proper alignment or restorative dental treatment to repair teeth.

The whole-body approach to pain treatment

Alternative headache treatment is a holistic approach. Holistic treatment for headaches and migraines means treating headache pain at its source in the body. Pain does not always originate where it is felt, and wholistic treatment considers the health of the entire body in identifying and eliminating pain at its source.

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