CHICAGO: ALF Appliance: An Orthopedic Option

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The ALF Appliance is an Orthopedic Growth Appliance that has a low profile in the mouth. They are utilized for Maxillary expansion, Treatment of TMJ Disorders, Finishing Physiologic Cases, Treating Snoring and Sleep Apnea and other issues.

I used Crozat Appliances for years and the ALF or Advances Lightwire Functional Appliance is very similar. It is a deceptively simple appliance, by appearance only. It is crucial that adjustments are precise as it can produce unwanted changes very easily.

My preference is to utilize Epigenetic Orthodontics with the dnA Appliance to three dimensionally grow the maxilla orthopedically and to grow airway Pneumopedically.

The mRNA version of the DNA appliance can not only treat sleep apnea and snoring (sleep disordered breathing) but has been shown in clinical cases to be able to cure sleep apnea by growing a larger airway. Large prospective studies ar not yet complete.

The Appliances can treat TMJ disorders by correcting an underdeveloped maxilla that forces the mandible posteriorly.

This video is a TMJ patient

Some patients report life changing results on sleep and breathing issues.

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  1. Hello.

    I am an adult in need of more tongue space in the roof of my mouth, since it is particularly narrow. I understand that you use the ALF appliance to expand the upper arch, even in adults.

    I want to ask you: As the ALF expands the upper arch laterally and forwards in an adult, does this usually also result in increased cheekbone protrusion?

    Or is the case usually so that the only difference is seen in the actual arch, and very little (if at all) in the face itself?

    Best regards,
    Christofer Altin

  2. Post

    Dr Shapira response: Christopher, An extremely narrow maxilla in an adult can be widened widened with ALF appliance but I find the DNA Appliance to be most effective. It can also widen cheek bones to a lesser extent. Generally there is significant improvement to the soft tissues of the face with decrease or elimination of nasolabial crease, elimination or decrease in bags under the eyes and dark circles.
    The DNA is extremely good at giving full wide healthy looking 10-12 tooth smile. It grows the nasopharyngeal airway which improves sleep and breathing with mant addition physiologic benefits

  3. Jan Jumper is looking for a dds who does crozats. She lives in St. Charles; her contact # is 1-630-902-1967. My husband did crozats MANY years ago in Roswell NM and Jan is a personal friend wanting alternative ortho for her grandson.

    Pat Walker RDH

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    If her Grandson is under 10 years age I suggest seeing Dr Kevin Boyd in Chicago. Does not do Crozat but expert on pediatric airway. I used to utilize Crozats but there are bettter choices available today for the patients I treat. I primarily work on older children and adults with either TMJ disorders, pain or airway issues.

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