The best OTC TMJ Appliance is actually not sold in stores. It is an appliance that is made for dentists to dispense in their offices to patients under doctor supervision. There is however an online distributor (see below) who primarily sells to dentists but also has approval to sell the Aqualizer directly to the public.

The Aqualizer can stop and prevent many headaches and migraines and offers an inexpensive window into neuromuscular dentistry. A well made neuromuscular orthotic is more effective.
qualizer definitely should seek out a neuromuscular dentist for restorative needs including Full Mouth Reconstruction and Cosmetic Dentistry.

The Aqualizer is a small and seemingly simple liquid filled appliance that utilizes a simple law of physics, Pascal’s Third Law to perfectly balance pressure on the right and left side of the mouth.

It works on hydraulics which helps create homeostasis. The Aqualizer can be worn on the upper or lower arch but this is not discussed on package insert that only discusses use on the upper arch.

I always recommend a Neuuromuscular Orthotic as the best choice for treatment of TMJ disorders, Headaches, Migraines, Sinus Pain and MPD (Myofascial Pain and Dysfunction) but I frequently use Aqualizers as short term temporaries especially after reducing close-lock dislocations.

You cannot eat with an Aqualizer but you can have liquids. It is an excellent appliance following long dental appointments that can cause Jaw Joint Sprain/strain injuries. There is research that shows up to 50% of TMD problems first present after long dental appointments, This is especially true after lower wisdom tooth extration and many problems could be prevented if an Aqualizer ws immediately given to any patients with jaw symptoms after long dental visit.

I frequently use Travell Spray and Stretch after long visits to relax muscles the Aqualizer helps keep them relaxed and this relaxation spreads to neck and shoulder and down legs as well.

The Aqualizer is ideal for patients with widespread fibromyalgia as it helps these patients achieve a more healthy musculature starting with jaw muscles. As this tension is relieved it spreads downward. There is often temporary exacerbation as you move further from the jaw but it is usually self limiting and improves with movement.

The Aqualizer is also often useful for people with with eustacian tube dysfunction and tinnitus due to its ability to relax trieminally innervated muscles.

The Aqualizer can also be used as an inexpensive sports appliance to increase balance strength and speed. I have had numerous golf and tennis players say it improves their game and balance. High end sports appliances can be a thousand dollars or more which is not a problem for professional athetletes but not something most weekend golfers or high school athletes will utilize.

I have bee utilizing Aqualizers for over 30 years in my Chicago area office. I was friends with the inventor Dr Marty Lerman and he used to send me all his scientific papers to edit prior to publication. I am also friends with Bob Lerman whose company Jumar makes the Aqualizer but I do not receive any compensation for discussing Aqualizers.