While there are many treatments for ADHD the best you can do for your child is to correct their sleep and breathing problems early before the ADHD develops.

There is a lot of research saying that ADHD is largely a result of small airways and poor sleep.

There are many similarities in symptoms when comparing ADHD and disturbed sleep. Some experts feel that many kids diagnosed with ADHD are actually just sleep deprived.

The Perfect Start System features early interventional orthodontics that can eliminate sleep disordered breathing, grow larger airways, better smiles and prevent many cases of ADHD.

ADHD is a primarily an epigenetic disease (not a genetic disease)  caused by improper airway development from allergies, insufficient breastfeeding , soft diet and other percipitating factors.  The Perfect Start System begins with a Habit Corrector Appliance that teaches the tongue the proper position in the mouth to promote growth.  The growth of the jaws is aided by additional appliances that guide growth to the ideal.


Contrast this with typical orthodontics that ignores growth and development and primarily just moves the teeth.