A beautiful esthetic smile must properly support the soft structures of the face, provide ideal airway and provide a state of physiological health.

Across the North Shore the are beautiful homes designed by top architects with great street appeal. Many of these homes are crumbling, have poor foundations, roofs and floors that sag and hidden potential problems that their owners don’t even suspect.

The best architects understand the important role of a structural engineer when creating beautiful structures. Beauty without stability is doomed to be short lived.

In Cosmetic Dentistry the structural engineering behind a smile makeover is based on principles of healthy physiology.  The dental facelift is  the result of applied physiology.

I have been deeply involved in esthetic dentistry for most of my 40 years of practice. I love creating beautiful healthy smiles but I always place physiologic health as the foundation for my cosmetic practice.

Treatment of Chronic head and neck pain, TMJ disorders, and autonomic and somatosensory dysfunction are the focus of my North Shore Highland Park office.

Personalized Precision Treatment is the key to successful treatment.

This office also treats patients with difficult problems that are outside the purview of most general dentists. Creation of physiologically healthy jaw relationships are the basis for the finest cosmetic reconstructions. Establishment of a healthy physiolgical condition can be life changing whether or not cosmetic dentistry is used to frost the cake.

In the 1990’s Dr Shapira was well known for his lectures on Anti-Aging Dentistry and Medicine. He was one of the first dentists in the world to practice dental sleep medicine and was the first dentist to be an Assistant Professor at Rush Medical School Sleep Disorder Center in 1985. He did research on jaw position and sleep apnea. He is the expert in offering alternatives to CPAP.

There is a youtube channel with over 100 patient testimonial videos not about cosmetic dentistry but truly life changing treatment that improves patients quality of life. These can be viewed at: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCk9Bfz6pklC7_UluWFHzLrg

Many patients travel hundreds or thousands of miles seeking a better quality of life. Some are patients with headaches and migraines but others have far more complex issues like
Fibromyalgia or Ankylosing Spondylitis. If you have specific issues you can find patients with similar issues easily:

While I do not do fillings, cleanings or routine dental exams in Highland Park I do perform major full mouth reconstruction and cosmetic cases in a environment of INDIVIDUAL PATIENT CARE, where you are the sole focus of the office. Many patients come strictly for treatment of difficult medical issues that normal medical treatment could not address. Others chose to also come to Gurnee for general dental care. I continue my general, implant and cosmetic dental practice in Gurnee. I founded Delany Dental Care Ltd in 1984 based on a passion for exceptional dentistry.

My partner Dr Mark Amidei is an artist and sculpto of beautiful smiles. Dr Richard Cottrell, my newest associate was the leading Lake Forest Dentist for decades and is a master at prosthetic and implant dentistry. He sold his practice in Lake Forest with every intention of continuing to practice there with the new owners. Unfortunately, Dr Cotrell found he could not contine to practice excellence in that environment and he is now practicing at Delany Dental Care. Over time, more and more of his old patients are discovering that they continue seeing the exceptional practitioned they have trusted for decades.