The Aqualizer Appliance is a hydraulic appliance that is self balancing and creates muscle relaxation and reduced myofascial pain in TMJ disorder patients.  It works on a simple law of Physics called Pascals Third Law.  There are many uses for both acute conditions and chronic conditions.  It is often good to think of it as a waterbed for your jaws allowing the muscles to find a place of comfort.

I often use it intermittently on neuromuscular patients, during pulsing with ULF-TENS to prevent tooth contact for more efficient muscle relaxation and for patients to wear while traveling from Atlas / Orthoganol or NUCCA Chiropractor to my office.  Many patients can lose their adjustments very quickly if the Atlas-Axis-occiput complex is extremely unstable.

One of my favorite uses is as a diagnostic appliance to verify response of patient to occlusal therapy.  I will often place one in a patients mouth at an initial consultation visit.

Patients with severe migraine, cluster, tension headaches and other disorders will often find rapid significant relief with this simple neuromuscular orthotic.  The self adjusting feature allows it to continually adjust as a patients muscles relax.

Marty Lerman DDS was the Inventor of this breakthru appliance and I had the honor of reviewing and editing his scientific papers for over 25 years.  Marty had a passion both for science and for patients well being.