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Dr. Ira Shapira one of the only providers near Nebraska

Constantly battling chronic pain, teeth grinding, headaches, and other symptoms of TMJ disorder is exhausting.

Over time, it takes a toll on your overall health. Therefore, seeking the help of a neuromuscular dentist, like Dr. Ira Shapira, is imperative to overcome these dental issues.

If you are looking for a revolutionary way to deal with TMJ disorder, chronic pain, or sleep apnea, then consider a DNA appliance. The Vivos DNA appliance is a common choice, and Dr. Ira Shapira is one of the only neuromuscular dentists near  Nebraska to provide this type of care.

Why Consider Trying the Vivos DNA Appliances

Many dentists who handle TMJ patients often rely on the DNA appliance because it has been proven to resolve postural, orthodontic, or TMJ dysfunction.

First of all, there is no invasive surgery required. All you have to do is wear the device at night. The corrective realignment that occurs is painless. You will notice that your facial structure, airway, and teeth realign gradually. The Vivos DNA appliance works by stimulating bone growth in not only your mouth but your nasal pathway as well.

This adjustment increases the size of your mouth. In addition, it allows your teeth and tongue to have adequate space.

Enjoy the Benefits of Using Vivos DNA Appliance South Dakota

Patients have experienced numerous benefits from using this procedure. Some of which include increased energy, better sleep, little to no snoring, decrease in migraines, teeth grinding, and a decreased difficulty in nasal breathing.

Both children and adults can benefit from this treatment. The appliance can also be removed easily and is pain-free.

If you are dealing with TMJ in the South Dakota area, then contact us today. We can help you overcome the disorder, minimize the occurrence of sleep apnea, and correct any orthodontic problems.

"Excellent. My first experience was with Dr. Shapira 35 years ago. I have referred to this as my "miracle" Now 35 years later, I am more than positive, that I again, have made the right choice in returning for his services."

Joyce J.

"I cannot imagine my dental work ever being done by any other dentist than Dr. Shapira!! I have been seeing higm for several years to help correct my sleep apnea. I cannot tolerate CPap so Dr. Shapira created an oral device that has literally been saving my life!!! I am a high risk patient and absolutely swear that I might not even be here if it weren’t for this incredible Doctor! He knows more about medicine from all different perspectives than most of my doctors and has exceptional skill in the practice of dentistry!! I truly believe this man is also a philosopher, a practitioner in natural remedies and has become a very special person in my life. Don’t even bother seeing any other dentist cause after you have seen Dr. Shapira you will be horribly disappointed!!"

Charlene Brown (review from Google)

"I have been a patient for over 15 yrs. When I came to Dr. Shapira I was in very bad TMJ pain. He and his staff worked with me for hours and when I left that day the pain was gone. I continued treatment until my bite was fully corrected and not only that but thanks to Dr Shapira’s talent in cosmetic dentistry, my teeth look more beautiful then they ever have. Dr Shapira and the staff continue to gain education on the most innovative ways to help people look and feel good. The staff there are very kind and I always so cared for when I go for my appointments."

Michelle H.

"Terrific place for Dental and TMJ healing…I’ve been a patient for 13 years. Not only did they fix my cavities very well, but the incredible relief from my jaw problems was unexpected. My jaw would sometimes lock up on one side, and Dr. Ira discovered that my bite was misaligned. I had the painless TENS treatment, wore a plastic appliance made for my mouth (like a retainer), and then my jaw was fixed, my bite was fixed, and my jaw pain was gone!!
Better still, this treatment apparently also aligned my sinuses, because my life-long sinus congestion disappeared. AND, I no longer require a small shim my right shoe for which I had long ago been diagnosed as having needed “because” one leg was longer than the other — which is no longer the case! Alignment works! This is a great place to get healed for life!!"

Marty S.

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