Ira Shapira, DDS, FICCMO

ira shapira chicagoPhilosophy of care

Dr. Ira Shapira; “I like to think of my patients as though they were members of my family. I want them to have the quality of care they can appreciate and that I would expect for myself or my family. That’s why I try to stay current with the latest findings in the field of cosmetic dentistry.”

Cosmetic dentistry is much more than white teeth but rather about healthy form and function including posture and facial contours as well as physiologic health. “My patients deserve every advantage possible. I used to merely practice cosmetic dentistry, but now I find I am changing people’s lives. My patents involve the collection of stem cells that can be used in lieu of embryonic stem cells.”

Personal interests

Anything that has to do with my two children, Rachel and her husband Danny and, Billy and his wife Stephanie and especially my two darling grandchildren Abby and Ellie. Anna and I were married on November 2nd 2014 and now have two additional grandchildren Freya and Gunnar. Collecting animation art, travel, scuba diving, tennis, reading, (everything and anything from fiction to biographies as well as scientific and medical journals).

I started dance lessons after 31 years of marriage for my son’s wedding. I loved the experience. I have promised Anna, who loves to dance that we will start dance lessons together soon to rekindle my passion for dancing. I am also active in supporting Breast and Ovarian cancer research and treatment after losing my wonderful wife Elise to ovarian cancer after 40 years together.

Special interests

Reconstructive and cosmetic dentistry, implant rehabilitation, dental implants, pain and headache management, TMJ disorders, research and treatment of snoring and sleep apnea, anti-aging medicine, and stem cell research for collection of non-embryonic stem cells, for treatment of chronic disease and life extension.

I currently hold four issued patents in this area and hope to make major changes in the practice of anti-aging medicine and be involved in the extension of longer healthier lives.

Education and professional affiliations