Do you have chronic pain from TMJ disorder?

If so, like most people, you want a treatment option that will provide relief quickly and preferably without having to undergo surgery.

A Chicago TMJ dentist can help TMJ/TMD  patients find relief with a neuromuscular orthotic device. 

Can this non-invasive device help you too?


Patients with TMJ/TMD in Chicago – What Can Cause the Pain?

TMJ disorder is a neuromuscular condition that can affect the jaw joints and ligaments, as well as the nerves and muscles of the head and neck. Patients with this disorder may experience a variety of painful symptoms, including:

  •   Chronic headaches
  •   Migraines
  •   Lockjaw
  •   Jaw stiffness
  •   Difficulty and pain chewing
  •   Pain in the jaw/cheeks
  •   Neck, head, shoulder pain

Main causes of TMJ disorder can include: 

  • A disorder of the condyle-disc complex caused by the dislocation of the disc due to trauma or anatomical misalignment
  • Structural incompatibility caused by age or trauma that can lead to disc degeneration and deviations in jaw movement, causing muscle tension and pain
  • Inflammatory disorders like various types of arthritis or inflammation from trauma

If you’ve experienced any of the symptoms or triggers above, reach out to Dr. Shapira to learn more and how to mitigate the pain and stunt further issues from developing.

Why an Orthotic Device is Recommended by Chicago TMJ Dentist, Dr. Shapira

A neuromuscular orthotic device can be a beneficial treatment for TMJ/TMD in Chicago.

The purpose of the device is to reposition the muscles of your jaw, which helps reposition muscles throughout the head, neck, and shoulders.

Trauma, chronic inflammation, and misalignment of the jaw put pressure on the muscles and irritates the nerves. Releasing the pressure by putting your jaw in an optimal position can promote healing.  

Using an orthotic device can help relieve your jaw pain in a profound way. Instead of a temporary fix, this type of TMJ treatment in Chicago can result in long-term relief. Dr. Shapira is ready and willing to help educate you about this approach. 

How a Neuromuscular Orthotic Helped Mindy

Mindy was dealing with chronic jaw pain for years due to bite misalignment. After three months of working with Dr. Shapira, she finally found relief.

The orthotic device he fabricated for her realigned her bite, relaxed the muscles, and eased her pain. Before receiving treatment, Mindy said her bite was “dropped,” and now everything is in proper alignment and she feels great.

Mindy said if anyone came to her asking where to find jaw pain relief, she wouldn’t hesitate to refer them to her Chicago TMJ/TMD dentist, Dr. Shapira, to get an orthotic device.

Non-Invasive TMJ Treatments Can Improve Quality of Life

If you’re dealing with chronic headaches and other painful symptoms caused by disorder, you have options.

Your Chicago TMJ/TMD dentist will give you an idea of what options can meet your needs. Dr. Shapira might recommend a TMJ treatment in available Chicago that consists of wearing an orthotic in addition to receiving TENS treatments. 

Getting treatment for your TMJ/TMD symptoms can help reduce painful symptoms and improve your overall quality of life. Please contact Dr. Shapira to learn how you can reclaim your health. 

Do you experience chronic jaw pain and headaches? You could have TMJ disorder. Check out our free resources to learn more about this condition and whether you might have it.